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      Mio is a graphic designer in RISD (GD '21). Her multicultural background provides her a wide view of the world as well as various perspectives of approaching problems. While she enjoys her crafting practices, she is much passionate about critical design and experimental design. She believes that when the two are combined, it can be a very strong medium to convey voices. She makes her installation projects to be "a work that will not slap into your face immediately, but something that you will think about when you are in the bed at the end of the day." Her recent interests are the meaning of being a woman in Japan and LGBTQ rights in China.

Educational Background:

      St. Johnsbury Academy 

      Rhode Island School of Design

           Graphic Design

           Computer Technology and Culture






      Adobe Suite



      Experiential Design

      Installation Design

      Logo Design 

      Package Design


      U.V. Printing

      3D Printing


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